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BOSS product videos -- BOSS COMPACT PEDAL APPLICATION VIDEO (Item #BOSS-DEMO) $5.00. "Seven of the hottest instructors from the Guitar Institute of Technology, including Roland technician Paul Hanson, demonstrate how BOSS compact pedals can be used while playing different genres of music - from country to rock to the blues. Complete with some of the tastiest chops around." (38 min.)

GT-3 DEMO VIDEO (Item #GT-3DEMO) $5.00. "The GT-3 Demo Video shows you how BOSS took 32 classic and cutting-edge guitar effects and an extremely flexible COSM-based preamp and placed them in a sturdy, compact pedalboard with an ultra-affordable price tag. If you've never heard the Slicer or Auto-Riff effects in action, trust us, they're worth the price of admission alone." (15 min.)

Fuzzmite - Handmade fuzz and octave pedals. Hendrix-inspired fuzz pedals and more.

Boss product CDs - BOSS Compact Pedal CD (Item #3202) $5.00. "All the latest information on BOSS compact pedals is a mouse-click away as you navigate this innovative CD-ROM. Learn how BOSS' extensive line of guitar effects can give guitarists any kind of sound imaginable. The disc is both Mac- and PC-compatible and can also be played as a standard audio CD."

Official BOSS pedals page

Boss GT-5 site

BOSS Pedal Zone

Roland U.S.: BOSS Products

Roland U.S.

Roland Corporation

Unofficial Roland GP-100 Web Site - Includes a patch archive and mailing list archives.

gaspedal.com and musictoyz.com - Online guitar shop for boutique pedals, accessories, studio gear and pickups. A very wide range of pedals. Includes an online discussion area.

Sabine NexFX - stompboxes with 5 controls. Sales reps to find dealers.

RogerMayerUSA.com and North Star Audio - The North American distributor for Roger Mayer analog effects, the re-issue of the Arbiter Fuzz Face. Custom wah upgrades, Teese, Fulltone parts, etc. Roger Mayer's Type 9090A wah kit is available for serious amateurs and techs to directly retrofit into any common "crybaby", VOX, or Thomas Organ pedal. We sell both the kit or can custom install into the above pedals. We also sell it as a finished off-the-shelf new wah. -- Tom Lanik, North Star Audio (authorized importer & distributor), Chicago, Roger Mayer Effects.

ArbiterFuzzFace.com - North Star Audio.

Effects gear announcements at betterguitar.com

Recording gear announcements at betterguitar.com - includes some PODish stuff

TS808.com - info about vintage pedals. Fuse Blower custom pedal.

Guitarage: Effects section - Info about building, circuits, construction tips, descriptions, manufacturers and parts.

Tone Frenzy - dedicated to sound files of guitar gear

GuitarSite: Effects Sites

effects page at guitarnotes.com - then click the subcategory links at the top of the page. Categories include:

Nuuj's Effects Links - Links for effects and related eletronics.

effects links page at Guitarsite.com directory

Effects Resources page at Harmony Central - Main effects page at Harmony Central. Includes effects processing software links.

Guitar Effects web ring

Harmony Central - user reviews of effects


Prescription Electronics

Nobels: official products page

FullCompass.com - catalog page listing lots of guitar multifx preamp/processors

http://www.arrowweb.com/gxchange/effects/ads.html - used gear: fx

Spring Reverb Info Page - Lots of information about interfacing to spring reverbs. Roy Mallory

Reed Kotler transcribing tools - learn by ear from your favorite recordings.

GuitarFX realtime fx processing


Guitar Geek - Diagrams guitar rigs, plus some discussions on home recording.

Grubbster's Gear Links

GTRFX.com - Online buyers guide dedicated to guitar effects. Effects previews and reviews. How to set up your effects chain and settings for some of your favorite players. Can submit pedal reviews.

C-Tech, USA - manufacturers of portable headphone amplifiers.

Malhavok's Line 6 page

Effects Principles

Harmony Central: Effects Explained - articles on compression, EQ, parametric EQ, processing for recording

Useful Pedal Information - Simple descriptions of how common effects work, along with some opinions of good and bad pedals that implement those effects.

Guitar Effects Pedal Settings

Noise.html - A page with some tricks for creating strange noises with your guitar.

Craig Anderton's Corner at Alexis

Tips for Guitar Multieffects by Craig Anderton. "for a better guitar sound in the studio. vintage effects have stolen the spotlight from guitar multieffects, but don't sell these digital processors short. When properly programmed, they can emulate a great many "vintage" timbres, as well as create sounds that are extremely difficult to achieve with analog technology. [but can they do the sound of power tubes and hard-driven speaker? - cybermonk] Cabinet simulators are cool, but many multieffects have speaker simulators, which supposedly recreate the frequency response of a typical guitar speaker in a cabinet. the timbre will often be objectionably buzzy. The sound can be much duller ... The magic word for all guitar multieffects is [I think he means pre-distortion] equalization."

Putting Your Effects In Order - By Craig Anderton. to minimize noise and hiss. Ground rules of effects order. about patching multiple effects together, see his columns in the August and September 1981 issues of Guitar Player magazine. [see my page Books and articles about Amp Tone and Effects] He discusses the following relationships:

Anderton's standard order for a multiple effects system.
  1. Envelope controlled filter. (The Alesis Q20 can use the input envelope as a modulation source)
  2. phasers.
  3. Limiter.
  4. Equalization..
  5. Volume pedal.
  6. Delay line.
This page does not discuss distortion-box placement. Suggests an effects position reversal switcher; the Alesis Q20, with its Compare function, can be used when experimenting with different orders of effects.

Dr. Fuzz ongoing research into the sound of the guitar, both acoustic and electric, in all its tonal varieties. Specific focuses are guitar construction, fuzztones, and guitar synths.

Philpott's Effects

Nelson's Stompbox Pages

Stellan Lehrberg's Effects

Robin Tomtlund's Effects

The FX Patch Dump - A site for storing patches for MIDI preamps and effects units, with no brand bias.

alt.guitar.effects newsgroup.

Digital Hell - A site for a mailing list for making music with digital gear (synth, effects, etc.)

DSP Resources: Computers and Music - the Audio Programming section covers DSP resources, including source code for flanging, chorus, and pitch shifting.

Audio Effects FAQ v1.0 - This FAQ is aimed at the programmer and covers some of the simple DSP techniques.

Digital Home Recording - Sound Card Survival With Windows 95 by Craig Anderton. "More and more musicians are building digital "desktop" studios by sticking cards in their PCs and loading in software that provides not just MIDI sequencing, but hard disk audio recording. ...like a 90s version of the cassette-based multitrack... all PC-based sound setups have certain limitations..."

The Recording Website - Tips and tricks on getting the best results.

The Home Recording Web Site

The "Science" of Distortion - What distortion does to sounds and how various types of distortion differ. [currently requires a password]

Finger Nail Care

Specific Effects Brands

Yahoo: Guitar Effects Companies

See also my page Rich Kulawiec's list of manufacturers.

SustainPunch - Specializes in Big Muff Pi convertions to the original 69' for great smooth sound with more sustain; Tube Screamer including the "Fullclone" mod, Electro-Harmonix "Hot Tubes" mod for "stack" emulation overdrive, Fuzz Face mods. Repairs, refurbishes, trades, and consigns guitar effects pedals. paradiddle7 at usa.net

Roger Mayer Effects -- Vintage effects designer. Includes the VooDoo Vibe.

FXperts Custom Pedal Boards

ART Effects

ART SGX2000 Express support page

Boomerang Phrase Sampler -- Mike Nelson co-owns a small company with another guitar slinger. They manufacture the Boomerang Phrase Sampler. It's a looping device (digital recorder in a floor unit) for practicing, developing musical ideas, or live performance.

Electro-Harmonix / New Sensor Corp. -- Sovtek and The New Sensor Corp. -- products for vacuum tube enthusiasts, guitar players, repair technicians. Manufactures Sovtek tubes, Electro Harmonix effect pedals including the Big Muff Pi, Deluxe Memory Man, and Q-Tron. Capacitors, speakers, technician tools (including test equipment and soldering stations), Hammond transformers and enclosures, guitar amps, and more.

SoundSculpture Switchblade (Ken C.) - [check link, summarize] - "The ways in which the Switchblade can integrate signal processors, audio sources, and audio destinations is vast. Some simple techniques such as series and parallel effects are shown here as are some not so obvious techniques such as multi tap points and isolated group functions and such bizarre setups as cross fading between effects that are wired in series. All examples given here can be achieved using the Switchblade. Keep in mind that all of these applications can be achieved without touching a single patch cord if all of your equipment is plugged into the Switchblade. Effects in series in any order..." Capabilities:

DigiTech GSP-2101 FAQ

DigiTech GSP-2101 mailing list. To subscribe, send mail to gsp-users-request at portal.com. Send posts to gsp-users at portal.com.

DigiTech RP-1, RP-5, RP-10 - There is a mailing list for owners of the RP-1, as well as the newer RP units. Send the message subscribe RP-1-L to mailserv at ecn.nl To send a message to the list (for others to read), send your message to RP-1-L at ecn.nl. Or you can try an experimental method of subscribing(your viewer must support fill-out forms). You can check out the ftp site at ftp.ecn.nl.

Digitech-Users Mail List Archive - archives of RP-1, GSP-2101, and other DigiTech devices.

Electro-Harmonix Extravaganza - History of the company, articles on the various products, discussion board, schematics/manuals for sale, and more.

Treasures of Equipment - Pictures of rare effects and guitar amps.

Prosoniq Products Time/Pitch Scaling FAQ Page - An overview of some of the techniques used in these effects.

Manual Manor - Sells owner's/service manuals and schematics for lots of synthesizers and effects processors.

QuadraVerb Home Page - A user maintained page with links plus how to join the mailing list (archives of the list are available as well).

The Unofficial Quadraverb 2 Home Page

Vocoder Internet Reference Guide - Information and pictures of various vocoders that have been produced.


Alesis Home Page

ART Applied Research and Technology

Digital Audio Labs - Card-D

Digital Music Corp.


DOD Electronics

Dunlop USA

Heet Sound - EBow Home Page

ProCo Sound


Sovtek - New Sensor Corp

Stringer Ind. - Snarling Dogs, Rocktek

TC Electronics

Voodoo Lab


Schematics and Kits

There are many schematics and kits related to effects. See Schematics, kits, parts, and DSP programming.

Jamie Heilman - The Leper's Schematics -- Schematics for commercial and homebrew amps & effects. Links to amp & effect sites and documents.

Jason Nieh - Guitar Notes -- Comprehensive links & info about guitar. Includes amp section and effects section.

PAiA Electronics Inc. -- guitar audio kits.

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page - Effects schematics, sound examples, and lots of tips on construction and reading the schematics.

Justin's World of Guitar Effects - A few schematics and articles about building your own effects.

Effects FAQ v3.00 - Covers the basics of building your own effects, like where to get parts and how to package your projects. Also explains how common effects work.

Keen's Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page -- Tube amp FAQ, guitar effects FAQ, tube amp debugging, building your own gear.

Analog Man Effects -- Vintage Guitar Effects sales, info, links

LA-2A Tube Compressor

Theremin Home Page

Harmony Central: Other Topics: Tube Amps and Electronics

Different Types of Tubes and Distortion - By Guilherme Mello.

Tube amplifier design information - audiophile tube amp design, kits, etc.

A brief explanation of "Class A" amps - Audio Brothers.

Waldo's Guitar FAQ Page - A collection of some common questions on guitars, amps, and music theory.

How Tubes Work (PAiA) - Starving tubes with low plate voltages and currents produces tube amp warmth.

> Just wondering what all of this talk about clips is about. Is there central location everyone here is uploading their wav files too? If so, I'd love to contribute some stuff of me noodling around.

"I'm trying to keep a central repository as a public service. Check out http://www.cultv.com/rmmg.htm."

Ultimate Sound Archive - Check out over 34,000 sounds in our Ultimate Sound Archive. With over 20 top-level categories and over 800 sub-categories, this is the ultimate web-based archive for wave sound files, filled with many cool sounds such as:

For musicians, composers, multimedia artists, webmasters, game and software developers. Under development for over two years, this is the biggest and most diverse and complete archive in the world. The Ultimate Sound Archive has many advanced features which are only available in this archive. Speedy search utility.

LarrySB: The Blue Glow in Tubes FAQ

Tips on Amplifier Lead Dress, by Gil Ayan

Guitar Amplifier Simulation by jorman at aol.com

Guitars, Amps, and Music

Guitar Amp Evolution - A look at how amps (primarily the preamp sections) have changed over the last 30 or 40 years. By Keenan.

Tube Amp Building, Maintaining and Modifying FAQ - Building a tube amp, where to get parts, biasing, modifications, and extending tube life.

Treasures of Equipment - Pictures of rare effects and guitar amps.

Guitarist-L Mailing List - A discussion area for guitarists, covering instruments, amps, mixing, effects, or anything else related to playing the guitar. To join the list, send the message "SUBSCRIBE GUITARIST-L Your Name" to listserv at mana.landofhaze.com.

http://www.projam.com -- many guitar products , tone tips, product reviews, and so on. You can email any of the studio guys featured there with product questions , tech stuff, and music biz. "As a demo session player I am asked to produce many different sounds, but typically a short light delay and compressor for country , light chorus with long delay for pop ballads etc. I usually bring as much effects gear as possible so I'm not left at the mercy of the engineer."

Low-watt power tube devices

See also the Schematics and Kits section of this page.

HEARNET - An organization to spread information about hearing loss and how to prevent it.

The Lawbreaker - By Jarrod Lee. All tube, fully integrated, four-watt guitar amplifier/pedal. Tube compliment: Two 12AX7's, one JLA LBT4. Both channels feed enough signal to saturate the Lawbreaker's class A power amp stage for the ultimate in cranked to the max *real* all tube overdrive tone. Power Amp: All tube class A single ended output stage, comprising of a double triode output tube, provides four watts RMS into 8 or 16 ohms.

Lexicon Signature 284 recording amp -- Noteworthy for low-watt power tubes (1 EL84 per channel), built-in power attenuator (stereo), stereo effects loop, and stereo tube power amp. Provides the tone of a "fully-cranked" amp at reasonable volume levels. Designed for Lexicon by tube amplifier guru, John McIntyre, the Signature 284 is the ultimate guitar recording amp, combining the gorgeous tone of vintage amps with state-of-the-art all-tube design. The Signature 284's unique design combines a high-gain preamp with a low wattage, stereo Class "A" power amplifier. The preamp section uses three 12AX7 tubes and incorporates a switchable high-gain stage and beautifully voiced tone controls. To put the finishing touch on the Signature 284's tone, a stereo power amp uses two EL84 tubes in a Class "A" configuration. A tube- driven stereo effects loop lets the guitarist place stereo effects in-line between the preamp and power amp. The results are sonic effects that can't be obtained at the console. Simultaneous outputs let the amp drive any combination of stereo speaker, balanced recording and slave amp outputs. The speaker outputs can handle 8 or 4 ohm cabinets. Built-in speaker simulation lets the guitarist select "smooth" or "bright" independently for each recording output. A passive load is also provided for each speaker output. For silent recording, the passive load is automatically connected when the speaker is disconnected. Because the slave outputs tap the signal after the power amp, they carry all of the Signature 284's characteristic tone, and can be connected to any power amp and guitar cabinets for greater performance volume when needed.

SWR Interstellar Overdrive -- More than a preamp for bass guitars. The main circuit consists of a tube (2 times EL84) power amp which feeds into a pre-amp (12AX7 or similar). There are balanced and unbalanced outs before and after the power amp. There are lots of ways of using it, but probably the best is to plug an unmiked speaker into the power amp, and then either record with the DI after the pre-amp or plug the pre-amp output into a separate power amp with speaker or combo and mike that. Anyway, the main point is that the power amp comes before the pre-amp, but it's a real power amp - it can drive a speaker, be cranked, etc. [Jason Grossman has docs.]

London Power -- London Studio - variable-output rack power amp. The Studio amp by London Power (Kevin O'Connor) is a "ten watts and less" power amplifier that has many classic voices. It has the quick attack of a large fixed-bias amp or the round warmth of a cathode-biased amp at the flick of a switch. You can have shimmering highs, exquisite mids and tight bass. You can plug your guitar through the independent gain block to overdrive the power stage right up to "full shred" or develop your own "tweed metal" sound. You can get the sound of any vintage amp you desire, or any modern amp that appeals. How can so many sounds come from "just" a power amp? And one without the usual tone controls? The London Power Studio amp is like having an amp with a built in variac. The Studio's unique linear AC regulator is controlled by the Power Scale, which dials the voltage of the output stage down to impossible levels for other circuits. And it does it without nuisance noises normally associated with DC regulators. Although the Studio amp was designed for use in quiet studios and personal recording spaces "at home", many musicians use their Studio amp on stage. It can be the distortion track and be the answer to every sound man's prayer. Line outputs and all of their tone alterations may all but disappear now that the Studio lets you wail at a whisper.

Cream Machine and Blues Master (aka "Crunch Master") - Manual - Crunch Master aka Blues Master. Essentially a distortion pedal with a power tube and attenuator, to replace the guitar amp. Also, the Tube 20 combo. This amp features something they call Direct Power Amp Control which according to them allows one to overload the power amp at room levels. Note that driving the speaker hard is 1/3 of the tone picture. H&K home page

The ADA Ampulator -- Guitar amp emulator; includes tube power amp. [I think it's a preamp tube in a power-amp configuration.] The Ampulator is a single rack space tube power amp emulator and cabinet emulator which takes into account every characteristic and nuance of real tube poweramps, drivers, and speaker cabinets. It takes a guitar preamp signal and processes it for direct recording or a line level feed to a house sound system. The Ampulator incorporates a tube power amp directly coupled to a reactive speaker load emulator, eliminating the need for large power amps (guitar heads), speaker cabinets, or microphones. The guitarist can simply dial-in power amp and speaker cabinet characteristics on the Ampulator while listening through the control room's reference monitors. The front panel of the Ampulator is divided into two main sections: a vacuum tube power amp and a reactive load speaker emulator.

Yahoo: Music Instruments and Equipment Companies

Harmony central: Pickup database (think of pickups as pre-distortion EQ)

Harmony Central: Site map

Other Music Companies

Adam International

Amptone.com ultra gear-search page

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