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I get a lot of email from the sites I run, so in general, I don't have time to reply. 

My product info only generally represents the types of products available from the manufacturer and may be out of date.  I will try to keep the product information up to date but will only update every few years.  I do gather all "please update" or "please add" emails from the past few years, even if I haven't acted on them yet.

Email I want to receive and reply to

·         Notification of broken links to manufacturer sites.

·         Notification of cool new equipment or amp tone information such as:

·         A distortion pedal that has pre-distortion EQ for distortion voicing

·         A distortion pedal based on a power tube

·         A power attenuator or dummy load, or an amp with a dummy load built in.

·         Linking to another Web site about amp tone and distortion, or a site's subarea that focuses on amp tone.

Email I don't want to receive and reply to

·         General questions about what's the best way to hook up particular equipment.  You need to do what I would do to answer such a question: know the general principles of amp tone processing at this site, analyze your gear in terms of generic processing modules, and rearrange the modules in terms of the general principles.

·         Requests to add links to guitar sites that aren't about amp tone principles and gear.  I do not add links about guitars, pickups, amp covers, or cases, or how to play guitar, with rare exceptions.

Posting Questions to Discussion Areas Instead

Instead of emailing me questions, please post your questions to the existing guitar gear discussion areas.  If your question is characteristic of this site, you could post a URL that points to this site, for reference.

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Recording discussion areas


-- Michael Hoffman, BSEE, Amptone.com, aka Cybermonk -- a revolutionary activist designer out to change not only product design, but the entire paradigm of "good tone is hard to obtain".
-- mike at this domain name

You must write a clear, detailed subject line, or I will assume it is spam and delete it without reading.  Do not use a subject like that looks like spam.  Do not use a 1-word subject line; for example, do not write a subject line of "Hello" or "Thanks".  Emails with 1-word subject line are automatically deleted.

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