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Links for schematics, kits, parts, and DSP programming

gear-related sections at Music Books Plus:

guitar electronics - http://www.musicbooksplus.com/grepair.htm

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Guitar amps

Harmony Central: Other Topics: Tube Amps and Electronics

Different Types of Tubes and Distortion - By Guilherme Mello.

Tube amplifier design information - audiophile tube amp design, kits, etc.

A brief explanation of "Class A" amps - Audio Brothers.

Tubes vs. Transistors -- Is There an Audible Difference?

Tube Talk at CrateAmps.com - about tubes.

The Cool Sound of Tubes - A technical discussion from the electrical engineering journal, IEEE Spectrum.

Tube Sound? (PAiA) - In sound systems from the golden age, every link in the chain had distinct "squashing" non-linearities.

How Tubes Work (PAiA) - Starving tubes with low plate voltages and currents produces tube amp warmth.

LarrySB: The Blue Glow in Tubes FAQ

Tips on Amplifier Lead Dress, by Gil Ayan

Guitar Amplifier Simulation by jorman at aol.com

Guitar Amp Evolution - A look at how amps (primarily the preamp sections) have changed over the last 30 or 40 years. By Keenan.

Tube Amp Building, Maintaining and Modifying FAQ - Building a tube amp, where to get parts, biasing, modifications, and extending tube life.

Guitar Amplifiers - History of guitar amps, tubes vs. solid state, and distortion, including some circuit diagrams.

Guitar Amp Circuitry - A tone control circuit simulator/analysis tool for Windows. (Dave Cigna)

Dave Cigna's Guitar Amps

image: submini tubes for old, portable radios

Tri-State Loudspeaker - speaker re-coning. (724) 375-9203.

DiY Speakers

The Speaker Building Page -- The Speaker Building Page

Practical Speaker Tips - by Craig Anderton.

Headwize Headphones

Subwoofer DiY Page

Effects Resources page at Harmony Central - Main effects page at Harmony Central. Includes effects processing software links.

Nuuj's Effects Links - Links for effects and related eletronics.

Useful Pedal Information - Simple descriptions of how common effects work, along with some opinions of good and bad pedals that implement those effects.

Philpott's Effects

Nelson's Stompbox Pages

Stellan Lehrberg's Effects

Robin Tomtlund's Effects

alt.guitar.effects newsgroup.

DSP Resources: Computers and Music - the Audio Programming section covers DSP resources, including source code for flanging, chorus, and pitch shifting.

Audio Effects FAQ v1.0 - This FAQ is aimed at the programmer and covers some of the simple DSP techniques.

Digital Home Recording - Sound Card Survival With Windows 95 by Craig Anderton. "More and more musicians are building digital "desktop" studios by sticking cards in their PCs and loading in software that provides not just MIDI sequencing, but hard disk audio recording. ...like a 90s version of the cassette-based multitrack... all PC-based sound setups have certain limitations..."

The Recording Website - Tips and tricks on getting the best results.

The Home Recording Web Site

The "Science" of Distortion - What distortion does to sounds and how various types of distortion differ. [currently requires a password]

SustainPunch - Specializes in Big Muff Pi convertions to the original 69' for great smooth sound with more sustain; Tube Screamer including the "Fullclone" mod, Electro-Harmonix "Hot Tubes" mod for "stack" emulation overdrive, Fuzz Face mods. Repairs, refurbishes, trades, and consigns guitar effects pedals. paradiddle7 at usa.net

Prosoniq Products Time/Pitch Scaling FAQ Page - An overview of some of the techniques used in these effects.

Manual Manor - Sells owner's/service manuals and schematics for lots of synthesizers and effects processors.

Schematics and Kits

At 07:58 AM 8/15/99 -0500, Tom Lanik wrote:

>Hi -

>Nice site & resource. Please consider adding us to your effects and wah upgrade/repair links.

>Roger Mayer's Type 9090A wah kit is available for serious amateurs and techs to directly retrofit into any common "crybaby", VOX, or Thomas Organ pedal. We sell both the kit or can custom install into the above pedals. We also sell it as a finished off-the-shelf new wah.

>Tom Lanik
>North Star Audio (authorized importer & distributor)
>Chicago >Roger Mayer Effects

RogerMayer home page

LXH2 Web Page - includes extremely low-power EL84 tube power amp project, amp and speaker simulator schematics, analog tape compression circuit description, spatialization circuit, analog tape compression circuit.

The AX84 Project - A collective project to design a simple tube guitar amp.

Jamie Heilman - The Leper's Schematics -- Schematics for commercial and homebrew amps & effects. Links to amp & effect sites and documents.

AMPAGE - By tboy - Amp schematics, and links to more schematics, resources, services, and manufacturers.

Jason Nieh - Guitar Notes -- Comprehensive links & info about guitar. Includes amp section and effects section.

Dave Cigna - Vacuum Tube Audio -- includes guitar amps and schematics.

Pat's Tube Schematics

Duncan's Amp Pages -- Amp info and links to schematics and products and other related information. Comprehensive tube data search engine. Articles.

PAiA Electronics Inc. -- guitar audio kits.

Digital Music Zone -- Effects schematics.

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page - Effects schematics, sound examples, and lots of tips on construction and reading the schematics.

Stellan's Schematics

Swap-Site for Guitar Effect PCBs - A site for distributing PCB layouts for building your own effects.

Justin's World of Guitar Effects - A few schematics and articles about building your own effects.

Effects FAQ v3.00 - Covers the basics of building your own effects, like where to get parts and how to package your projects. Also explains how common effects work.

Keen's Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page -- Tube amp FAQ, guitar effects FAQ, tube amp debugging, building your own gear.

Jack Orman - Digital Music Zone -- Design, construction and use of tube and digital music electronics. Schematics and links.

Guitar-related Circuits (Dan Charrois)

DMZ Schematics

GuitarGeek Schematics List

Guitar Effects Schematics

Music Machines: Do-It-Yourself Schematics

Audio Circuits Schematics

Analog Man Effects -- Vintage Guitar Effects sales, info, links

Valves, Tubes, and Audio -- FTP Downloading Site

Hardware Parts Suppliers

Yahoo: Music instrument parts and accessories companies

Mojo Musical Supply -- homebrew amp supplies. Odd tubes, how-to books, on-line catalog. Amp backs & baffles, amp covers, books, cabinets (incl. vintage replacement), capacitors, chasses, chemicals, fiber boards, fuses, grill cloth & coverings, handles & knobs, hardware, IC's, jacks, logos, misc. Fender, Marshall & Vox parts, potentiometers, power cords, Real McCoy wah pedals, resistors, reverb tanks, roc pot, speakers, switches, The Bullet, transformers, transistors, tube accessories, tubes - NOS jan tubes & odd tubes, vintage catalog reproductions, wire.

Antique Electronic Supply -- Tubes, books, transformers, sockets, capacitors, resistors, literature, cabinet restoration materials, wire, grill cloth, gifts, tools, information, online catalog.

STF Electronics -- Tubes, chasses, transformers and components, plus kits and books. Pat Bunn's store in South Carolina.

Torres Engineering -- Tube amp mod kits, amp parts

Vibroman Home Page - Magnatone amps and parts, cabinet coverings, amp hardware. Zack Engineering.

Angel Instruments - Sells lots of tube amp parts.

Magic Parts - Distributors of Ruby Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications.

Tubes to Go - site about audio and RF tubes. Mascot - Mister Valve.

http://www.primenet.com/~rfwatts/tubes1.html - Mr. Valve's Favorite Links

Clark Parts - Sells a wide variety of tube amp parts.

Apollo Amplifiers - Sells tubes, speakers, and other amp parts.

Switchcraft Products -- The best 1/4 inch phone and XLR connectors for guitars, amps and PA.

Pick-Up -- Spain. Vacuum tubes, capacitors, transformers, and amplifier accessories. Books and literature. (Spanish-language.)

The Parts Connection - Electronic parts for audio hobbyists. ST300B SE 7 watt tube power amp kit: without 300B power tubes, $699. ST-40 tube amp kit. Free catalog.

JK Lutherie -- Guitar-related books, reprints, magazines, videos, CDs, hard-to-find vintage guitar parts.

Armadillo Amp Works Will Dyke. Makes amp cabinetry, including reproductions.

Tektronix Inc. - Testing equipment.

Mouser Electronics - Electronic components. catalog at mouser.com. (800) 992-9943.

Parts Express - electronics components and more. Chemicals, test equipment, wire/cable, connectors, semiconductors, transformers, electronic kits, amplifier kits, project boxes, loudspeaker drivers, breadboarding accessories. sales at parts-express.com. (800) 338-0531. Free printed catalog. No URL?

Vacuum Tube Companies

Brian Carling's tube source list

VacuumTubes.com - NOS tube source

KCA NOS Tubes & Amp repair -- Mike Kropotkin.

Kropotkin Classic Amplification - Sells NOS tubes.

Electron Valve - Sells a variety of tubes.

Tube Data - Information on Amperex tubes (information may be quite old).

VTDATA (Vacuum Tube Data) - PC program for searching by data, types, or substitutions.

Brent Jesse Recording - long tube list

Ampage - Vacuum Tube Data

NavigatoR Ltd - A Russian company, specializes in trading Russian vacuum tubes used for air and marine navigation, radar as well as in broadcasting, amateur radio, Hi-Fi audio, meteorology, communication, medical applications and industry. All tubes are engineered and manufactured in Russia. Tube types include Broadcasting Tubes, Magnetrons, Travelling Wave Tubes (TWT), CWT, Transmitting Tubes, Klystrons, Amateur Radio Tubes, Hi-Fi Audio Tubes, Industrial Tubes, Transmitting Pulse Tubes, Modulator Tubes, Modulator Pulse Tubes, Control Tubes, High-Voltage High-Vacuum Rectifier Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes, Ceramic Tubes, Diodes, Display Tubes, Electron Tubes, Hydrogen Thyratrons, Ignitrons, Noise Source Tubes, Nuvistor Tubes, Pencil Tubes, Pentodes, Photodiodes, Readout Tubes, RF Amplifier Tubes, Receiving Tubes, Rectifiers, Vacuum Relays, Spark Gap Tubes, Subminiature Tubes, Surplus Tubes, Tetrodes, Thyratrons, Vacuum Capacitors, Vidicons, Voltage Reference Tubes, X-Ray Tubes, and Glass Tubes. Russian vacuum tubes have a worldwide reputation for being highly reliable and unique. A repair facility is available for all Russian vacuum tubes and for a wide range of equipment manufactured by other companies.
Andrey Bodunov
P.O. Box 78, Moscow, 115446, Russia.
Phone/Fax +7-095-1124422
contact at tubes.ru

Alesa Vaic Vacuum Technology

Audio Glassic

Eimac Division

Electron Tubes, Ltd. Link updated 10/98


GEC Electronics

Gold Aero

Groove Tubes

Halfin S.A. -- Electron Tubes Online Shopping Halfin, S.A.

International Parts Depot

Keyboard Systems

One Electron

Penta Laboratories

Radio Electric Supply

Raymond Sarrio Co.

Richardson, Ltd.

Siemens vacuum tubes   Siemens AG

SND Tube Sales


Svetlana Products

Thomson Tubes Electroniques

Vacuum Tubes Unlimited


Western Electric

Amp Companies

Analog Bros. - custom manufacturing and modification of tube guitar amplifiers.

Apollo Amplifiers - manufacture tube guitar amplifiers and sell tubes, parts, strings, effects pedals, and pickups.

Audio Brothers - manufacturers of Hiwatt and Booker Valve Dynamics handmade guitar amplifiers. Also repairs and supplies spares for most British valve amplifiers.



Fender. Fender World Guitars, basses and amplifiers.

Frederic Custom Amplifiers - for guitar.

Hoffman Amplifiers - hand built tube guitar amps.

Kendrick kendrick at inetport.com

Lee Jackson Amplifiers - custom amp modifications. or alt url

London Power/Power Press - manufactures, customizes and repairs guitar amplifiers.

Stores and Online Classifieds

NW Guitar Links - Links to stores and manufacturers in the Pacific North West.

Audio Software Archive

AEK Schematics

All Electronics Corp. Free parts catalog.

PCB Designer's Den

Hardware Midi Web Page

Jensen Transformers

Easytrax PCB Software

Ekblad's Audio Links

The Vacuum Tube Audio Homepage

Blue Guitar Amp Mods

PDX Audio

Triode Electronics - Hi-fi and reference site

True Audio

Tangible Technology

Guitar Sites, Links to Links

Yahoo: Guitar Repair shops - includes links for guitar parts, guitar electronics, and supplies.

Yahoo: Music Instruments and Equipment Companies

Harmony central: Pickup database (think of pickups as pre-distortion EQ)

Harmony Central: Site map

Vacuum Tube Valley - A journal about tubes. [online, paper, or both?]

Vintage Guitar Bulletin Board

Other Music Companies


Dean Markley Strings, Inc.


DR Strings

Elixir Strings by Gore

EMG Inc.

EVI Audio (Electro Voice)

Fishman Transducers - acoustic amplification products. \

GHS Strings

Hipshot Products

Quik Lok Main Index

Seymour Duncan

SIT Strings

SoundTech Home Page

THD - Hot Plate and other gear

Amptone.com ultra gear-search page

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