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Emery Sound - Half-Watt Amp


>I have just built a miniature 1/2 W tube power amp that is much better than any of my previous attempts in the micro-power range. I've built a few amps using 12AT7s and such as output tubes, and though they worked well, the inherent sound of triodes is not the classic guitar sound. This most recent amp used a miniature pentode (EF86) fixed-bias, single ended and it puts out a ripping 1/2 W. It is very aggressive and loud sounding at TV-volume levels. It sounds much better than the little triodes. This amp was commissioned by a low-watt fanatic customer of mine and he is mating it with a 1/2 W custom Weber 12" speaker.

>Controls and I/O: Input jack, Speaker Out jack, Standby switch, Power switch.

>--Curt Emery

Emery Sound
Curt Emery
1731 Lexington Av.
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 236-1176
emerys at earthlink.net
Emery Sound

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