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Links for Guitar Amps

Grailtone.com � includes Tone Settings and Tone Articles sections, informed by Amptone.com.

LegendaryTones.com -- new amp tone site, including Van Halen rig info.

Jenkins Sound Shop - custom guitar speaker cabinets

Guitarnuts.com - includes article debunking myths and conventional ideas about power levels. Shielding the guitar cavity. Guitar electronics.

Guitar amp circuit design info at AikenAmps

Guitarage: Amps section - Info about construction, modifying, maintenance, links manufacturers and parts

Malhavok's Line 6 page

The Unofficial Ampeg Page

Unofficial Marshall site

Billy Compton's Marshall collection

GM Arts guitar tone site

Paul Lemle's Matchless page

Plexi Palace home page - tons of classic amp photos, inside and outside >Plexi Palace
>"Tone to the Bone"
>21065 Bear Valley Rd. #2
>Apple Valley, CA 92308
>888-5172166 (toll free)

Flying Fred's Marshall collection

EIKO-GO gear page -- pictures of classic amps and effects

EIKO-GO -- Electric Church (you can click English link in upper right) -- "Home page of the gospel rock group, EIKO-GO -- Electric Church."

Hoffman Amps - schematics, kits and parts for amp building. Pics of Randall tube amp he manufactured.

ToneDepot - Look up artist emulation patches and amp settings.


Ampwares.com - all parts for guitar amps

Electrical Engineering Training Series (NEETS)

Introduction to Electronic Emission, Tubes, and Power - Learn about basic tube electronics."Electrical Engineering Training Series". "Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series". A basic understanding of how a tube works. Easy to follow. A lot for the novice as well as some advanced stuff. The book had a little "PIE(R)" wheel on the cover.

Fender amps page - direct link. (nice page design)


Virtual Guitar Magazine - amp rig descriptions (new link to add) (James Santiago)

amp links page at Guitarsite.com directory

amps page at guitarnotes.com - then click the subcategory links at the top of the page. Categories include:

From Jazz and Blues to Rock and Modern Metal-Sound Advice on Dialing in the Perfect Guitar, Amp, and Effects Settings - by Wolf Marshall. (local backup: Lesson Lab amp setups)

Amp product announcements at betterguitar.com

Guitar Sites, Links to Links

Guitar and Bass Buyers Guide: Companies

Open Directory Project: Guitar Amps

Yahoo: Music Instruments and Equipment Companies

Harmony Central: Site map

Vacuum Tube Valley - A journal about tubes. [online, paper, or both?]

Vintage Guitar Bulletin Board

Harmony Central: Other Topics: Tube Amps and Electronics

Yahoo directory: Guitar Amp companies

1000 Great Guitar Sites, and 2000 Guitars database.

Amp Repair and Mod Shops:

Plexi Palace - variacs, tube amp mods, Marshall specialists
"Home of the Most High Tone"
21065 Bear Valley Rd. #2
Apple Valley, CA 92308

Music Books Plus: music audio electronics

Harmony Central: Amp database (user comments)

Amp Concepts and Articles

Guitar Amp Evolution - A look at how amps (primarily the preamp sections) have changed over the last 30 or 40 years. By Keenan.

GMArts: Guitar Amplifiers - History of guitar amps, tubes vs. solid state, and distortion, including some circuit diagrams.

Different Types of Tubes and Distortion - By Guilherme Mello.

Tube amplifier design information - audiophile tube amp design, kits, etc.

A brief explanation of "Class A" amps - Audio Brothers.

Guitar Geek - Diagrams guitar rigs, plus some discussions on home recording.

Waldo's Guitar FAQ Page - A collection of some common questions on guitars, amps, and music theory.

Tubes vs. Transistors -- Is There an Audible Difference?

Tube Talk at CrateAmps.com - about tubes.

The Cool Sound of Tubes - A technical discussion from the electrical engineering journal, IEEE Spectrum.

Tube Sound? (PAiA) - In sound systems from the golden age, every link in the chain had distinct "squashing" non-linearities.

How Tubes Work (PAiA) - Starving tubes with low plate voltages and currents produces tube amp warmth.

Tone Frenzy - dedicated to sound files of guitar gear

LarrySB: The Blue Glow in Tubes FAQ

Tips on Amplifier Lead Dress, by Gil Ayan

Guitar Amplifier Simulation by jorman at aol.com

Guitars, Amps, and Music

The Unofficial History of the MESA/Boogie "Mark" Series, by Jeff Makos. alt url.

Tube Amp Building, Maintaining and Modifying FAQ - Building a tube amp, where to get parts, biasing, modifications, and extending tube life.

Dumble Overdrive Special: some pictures and information

Guitars and Rock Stars - Lists some well-known guitarists and the gear they use.

Treasures of Equipment - Pictures of rare effects and guitar amps.

image: submini tubes for old, portable radios

Low-watt power tube devices

Lexicon Signature 284 recording amp -- Noteworthy for low-watt power tubes (1 EL84 per channel), built-in power attenuator (stereo), stereo effects loop, and stereo tube power amp. Provides the tone of a "fully-cranked" amp at reasonable volume levels. Designed for Lexicon by tube amplifier guru, John McIntyre, the Signature 284 is the ultimate guitar recording amp, combining the gorgeous tone of vintage amps with state-of-the-art all-tube design. The Signature 284's unique design combines a high-gain preamp with a low wattage, stereo Class "A" power amplifier. The preamp section uses three 12AX7 tubes and incorporates a switchable high-gain stage and beautifully voiced tone controls. To put the finishing touch on the Signature 284's tone, a stereo power amp uses two EL84 tubes in a Class "A" configuration. A tube- driven stereo effects loop lets the guitarist place stereo effects in-line between the preamp and power amp. The results are sonic effects that can't be obtained at the console. Simultaneous outputs let the amp drive any combination of stereo speaker, balanced recording and slave amp outputs. The speaker outputs can handle 8 or 4 ohm cabinets. Built-in speaker simulation lets the guitarist select "smooth" or "bright" independently for each recording output. A passive load is also provided for each speaker output. For silent recording, the passive load is automatically connected when the speaker is disconnected. Because the slave outputs tap the signal after the power amp, they carry all of the Signature 284's characteristic tone, and can be connected to any power amp and guitar cabinets for greater performance volume when needed.

SWR Interstellar Overdrive -- More than a preamp for bass guitars. The main circuit consists of a tube (2 times EL84) power amp which feeds into a pre-amp (12AX7 or similar). There are balanced and unbalanced outs before and after the power amp. There are lots of ways of using it, but probably the best is to plug an unmiked speaker into the power amp, and then either record with the DI after the pre-amp or plug the pre-amp output into a separate power amp with speaker or combo and mike that. Anyway, the main point is that the power amp comes before the pre-amp, but it's a real power amp - it can drive a speaker, be cranked, etc. [Jason Grossman has docs.]

London Power -- London Studio - variable-output rack power amp. The Studio amp by London Power (Kevin O'Connor) is a "ten watts and less" power amplifier that has many classic voices. It has the quick attack of a large fixed-bias amp or the round warmth of a cathode-biased amp at the flick of a switch. You can have shimmering highs, exquisite mids and tight bass. You can plug your guitar through the independent gain block to overdrive the power stage right up to "full shred" or develop your own "tweed metal" sound. You can get the sound of any vintage amp you desire, or any modern amp that appeals. How can so many sounds come from "just" a power amp? And one without the usual tone controls? The London Power Studio amp is like having an amp with a built in variac. The Studio's unique linear AC regulator is controlled by the Power Scale, which dials the voltage of the output stage down to impossible levels for other circuits. And it does it without nuisance noises normally associated with DC regulators. Although the Studio amp was designed for use in quiet studios and personal recording spaces "at home", many musicians use their Studio amp on stage. It can be the distortion track and be the answer to every sound man's prayer. Line outputs and all of their tone alterations may all but disappear now that the Studio lets you wail at a whisper.

Cream Machine and Blues Master (aka "Crunch Master") - Manual - Crunch Master aka Blues Master. Essentially a distortion pedal with a power tube and attenuator, to replace the guitar amp. Also, the Tube 20 combo. This amp features something they call Direct Power Amp Control which according to them allows one to overload the power amp at room levels. Note that driving the speaker hard is 1/3 of the tone picture. H&K home page

Hiwatt Custom 20 -- Enables power amp/transformer/speaker distortion at practical volume levels. Two EL84's in Class A.

The ADA Ampulator -- Guitar amp emulator; includes tube power amp. [I think it's a preamp tube in a power-amp configuration.] The Ampulator is a single rack space tube power amp emulator and cabinet emulator which takes into account every characteristic and nuance of real tube poweramps, drivers, and speaker cabinets. It takes a guitar preamp signal and processes it for direct recording or a line level feed to a house sound system. The Ampulator incorporates a tube power amp directly coupled to a reactive speaker load emulator, eliminating the need for large power amps (guitar heads), speaker cabinets, or microphones. The guitarist can simply dial-in power amp and speaker cabinet characteristics on the Ampulator while listening through the control room's reference monitors. The front panel of the Ampulator is divided into two main sections: a vacuum tube power amp and a reactive load speaker emulator.

Speaker Isolation Cabinets

Micro Room - Silent Speaker System by Folded Space

Demeter Silent Speaker Chamber (SSC-1) -- A speaker isolation cabinet. Might offer custom cabinet building. Fits various speaker sizes.

info at demeteramps.com

You can order Demeter equipment from my long-time friend and fellow Tone researcher for years:

Matt Preus, Sales Agent
Coast Recording Equipment Supply
6223 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(213) 462-6058
M-F 10-6

Radio Shack PZM info [just a thought. I'd like to know what sort of cheap condenser mic could be used in a 5-15 watt speaker isolation cabinet, to get more high-treble than the SM57, without the mic breaking.]

Guitar Speaker Technology

AX84 site: load lines - power attenuator or dummy load article (PDF pages)

Matt's Speaker Facts - Guitar Tone Tips - From: NZ Musician Vol.6 No.8 April/May l997 Matt Hennessy.

WeberVST: Speaker complexity theory -- "The only way you could truly emulate a speaker would be to have some kind of electromechanical device in the signal path that would generate the 'back EMF' and in effect, the unpredictable motional impedance. Several methods could be used to do this. You could build a dummy load/voice coil emulator [like my proposal of a tiny actual guitar speaker and a tiny mic, in a pedal - cybermonk] and use a small portion of the signal to drive two 4 or 6" speakers mounted face to face. The low powered signal would drive one of the speakers, while the other one acts as a microphone to pick up the acoustic signal of the driven speaker." See also my page Speaker clank and the "physical" sound.

Weber Vintage Sound Technology (guitar speaker research) - Manufacturers of vintage style loudspeakers. The Emag is supplied with a control unit which allows adjustment of the strength of the magnet in addition to adjusting for compression or expansion of the magnetic flux in response to the speaker input signal. In other words, the Emag speaker can be adjusted to match your amp's output circuit for damping, sensitivity, and breakup. The control unit has an auxiliary output which allows several Emag speakers to be ganged together.

Tri-State Loudspeaker - speaker re-coning. (724) 375-9203.

DiY Speakers

The Speaker Building Page -- The Speaker Building Page

Practical Speaker Tips - by Craig Anderton.

Headwize Headphones

Subwoofer DiY Page

Dawn Speaker Systems

Bag End Loudspeakers

The "Science" of Distortion - What distortion does to sounds and how various types of distortion differ. [currently requires a password]

SoundSculpture Switchblade (Ken C.) - [check link, summarize] - "The ways in which the Switchblade can integrate signal processors, audio sources, and audio destinations is vast. Some simple techniques such as series and parallel effects are shown here as are some not so obvious techniques such as multi tap points and isolated group functions and such bizarre setups as cross fading between effects that are wired in series. All examples given here can be achieved using the Switchblade. Keep in mind that all of these applications can be achieved without touching a single patch cord if all of your equipment is plugged into the Switchblade. Effects in series in any order..." Capabilities:

Treasures of Equipment - Pictures of rare effects and guitar amps.

Roland U.S.

Roland Corporation

ART Applied Research and Technology



Sovtek - New Sensor Corp

Schematics and Kits

Duncan's Amp Pages -- Amp info and links to schematics and products and other related information. Comprehensive tube data search engine. Articles.

Dave Cigna's Guitar Amp Circuitry - A tone control circuit simulator/analysis tool for Windows. Vacuum Tube Audio, guitar amps and schematics.

The AX84 Project - A collective project to design a simple tube guitar amp.

Jamie Heilman - The Leper's Schematics -- Schematics for commercial and homebrew amps & effects. Links to amp & effect sites and documents.

AMPAGE - By tboy - Amp schematics, and links to more schematics, resources, services, and manufacturers.

Jason Nieh - Guitar Notes -- Comprehensive links & info about guitar. Includes amp section and effects section.

Pat's Tube Schematics

Stellan's Schematics

GuitarGeek Schematics List

Music Machines: Do-It-Yourself Schematics

Audio Circuits Schematics

Valves, Tubes, and Audio -- FTP Downloading Site

LXH2 Web Page - includes extremely low-power EL84 tube power amp project, amp and speaker simulator schematics, analog tape compression circuit description, spatialization circuit, analog tape compression circuit.

Hardware Parts Suppliers

Yahoo: Music instrument parts and accessories companies

Mojo Musical Supply -- homebrew amp supplies. Odd tubes, how-to books, on-line catalog. Amp backs & baffles, amp covers, books, cabinets (incl. vintage replacement), capacitors, chasses, chemicals, fiber boards, fuses, grill cloth & coverings, handles & knobs, hardware, IC's, jacks, logos, misc. Fender, Marshall & Vox parts, potentiometers, power cords, Real McCoy wah pedals, resistors, reverb tanks, roc pot, speakers, switches, The Bullet, transformers, transistors, tube accessories, tubes - NOS jan tubes & odd tubes, vintage catalog reproductions, wire.

Antique Electronic Supply -- Tubes, books, transformers, sockets, capacitors, resistors, literature, cabinet restoration materials, wire, grill cloth, gifts, tools, information, online catalog.

STF Electronics -- Tubes, chasses, transformers and components, plus kits and books. Pat Bunn's store in South Carolina.

Torres Engineering -- Tube amp mod kits, amp parts

Vibroman Home Page - Magnatone amps and parts, cabinet coverings, amp hardware. Zack Engineering.

Angel Instruments - Sells lots of tube amp parts.

Magic Parts - Distributors of Ruby Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications.

Clark Parts - Sells a wide variety of tube amp parts.

Apollo Amplifiers - Sells tubes, speakers, and other amp parts.

Switchcraft Products -- The best 1/4 inch phone and XLR connectors for guitars, amps and PA.

Pick-Up -- Spain. Vacuum tubes, capacitors, transformers, and amplifier accessories. Books and literature. (Spanish-language.)

The Parts Connection - Electronic parts for audio hobbyists. ST300B SE 7 watt tube power amp kit: without 300B power tubes, $699. ST-40 tube amp kit. Free catalog.

JK Lutherie -- Guitar-related books, reprints, magazines, videos, CDs, hard-to-find vintage guitar parts.

Armadillo Amp Works Will Dyke. Makes amp cabinetry, including reproductions.

Parts Express - electronics components and more. Chemicals, test equipment, wire/cable, connectors, semiconductors, transformers, electronic kits, amplifier kits, project boxes, loudspeaker drivers, breadboarding accessories. sales at parts-express.com. (800) 338-0531. Free printed catalog. No URL?

KCA NOS Tubes & Amp repair -- Mike Kropotkin.

Kropotkin Classic Amplification - Sells NOS tubes.

Ampage - Vacuum Tube Data

Amp Companies

Groove Tubes

Ampeg - official company page. Ampeg alternative URL -- Owned by St. Louis Music now, they are reissuing some of the older models.

Yahoo directory: Guitar Amp companies

Guitar and Bass Buyers Guide: Companies

AB International - professional sound reinforcement and equalization products.

Aguilar Amplification LLC - manufactures bass amplification equipment.

Matchless Amplifier Company -- Some say these are the best guitar amps made.


Analog Bros. - custom manufacturing and modification of tube guitar amplifiers.

Apollo Amplifiers - manufacture tube guitar amplifiers and sell tubes, parts, strings, effects pedals, and pickups.


Audio Brothers - manufacturers of Hiwatt and Booker Valve Dynamics handmade guitar amplifiers. Also repairs and supplies spares for most British valve amplifiers.

Audio Research - manufacturer of hi-fi equipment including preamplifiers, power amplifiers, compact disc players and more.

Budda Amplification - custom tube amplification and effects for the professional guitar player.

Carver Corporation

Carver Professional - manufactures power amplifiers.



C-Tech, USA - manufacturers of portable headphone amplifiers.

Daedalus Music - manufactures & sells acoustic stringed instrument amplifiers for guitar, violin, bass, mandolin, electric guitar. Speaker systems, studio furniture stage monitors.

Dean Markley Amplifiers

Demeter Amplification - manufacturers of vacuum tube professional audio equipment, pro audio and musical instrument amplifiers and pedals.



Edward Amplification Co. - Canadian manufacturer of vacuum tube guitar amplfiers.

Eleca - manufacture guitar amplifiers and automobile crossovers.

Epifani Custom Sound Systems - manufacturs custom bass, guitar, and pro-PA cabinets.

Trace Elliot

Johnson Amplifiers

Evans Custom Amplifiers

Fender. Fender World Guitars, basses and amplifiers.

Frederic Custom Amplifiers - for guitar.

Gallien Krueger

Genz Benz

Gibson USA Guitars, basses and amplifiers.



Harry Kolbe - Soundsmith, Inc. - repairs, modifies, and manufactures guitar amplifiers and designs and builds custom rigs. Manufactures a line of all tube preamps and speaker systems for the professional bass player; also repair, build and modify bass amps and electronics. deeper.



Hoffman Amplifiers - hand built tube guitar amps.

Hughes and Kettner - German manufacturer of guitar and bass amplification systems. Official page.

J.F. Naylor Engineering - manufacturer of all-tube amplifiers.

Jms Electronic - amplifiers made by musicians for musicians.

Kendrick kendrick at inetport.com

Kitty Hawk Amplifiers - guitar and bass amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets, MIDI looper, mixer and controller.

Koch Guitar Electronics - manufacturer of all-tube guitar and bass amplifiers. Check out our new Tone-series guitar combos/heads/cabs and our new all-tube bass head.

Kustom - mixers, speakers, amplifiers, and more.



Lee Jackson Amplifiers - custom amp modifications. or alt url

Lexicon - makes Signature 284 rackmount low-power tube amp.

Line 6 - manufacturer of the Axsys 212 digital guitar system and floor board remote controller. Product info, sales, support, technology info.

London Power/Power Press - manufactures, customizes and repairs guitar amplifiers.

Margules Audio - performs research, design, and manufacturing of amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeakers.

Marshall Amplification plc - the stack amplifier masters offer product specs, news and updates. Shockwave is required to enter and view this site.

Mesa/Boogie - pioneers in vacuum tube amplifiers.


Orange - valve amplifiers and more. Orange Amplifiers, at Gibson

Peavey Bass Amps

Peavey Amps. Peavey home page.

Unofficial Peavey Transformer Web Page by a designer of the Peavey Transformer.

Peavey Transformer Series.

Peavey amp products page.

Pignose and Gorilla Amplifiers - small amps for guitar.

Professional Sound System - French manufacturer of power amplifiers.

Randall Amplifiers

Rivera - all-tube guitar amps. Check out our combo amps, heads, speaker cabinets, and power amps.

Soldano Custom Amplification - home of the SLO 100. All-tube guitar amplifiers, including combos, heads, and speaker cabinets.

Sona amps (Barbetta)

Spectron - makes digital switching amplifiers.

Speedster Amplifiers

SWR Engineering, Inc. - makes the Interstellar Overdrive "preamp" with a power tube, and bass amps with an EL84 power tube in the "preamp", strictly as a Tone generator.

Tech 21, Inc.

Tony Bruno Custom Amp - offers Bruno Amplifiers, handcrafted custom point to point wired tube guitar amps.

Trace Elliot

Trainwreck Circuits

Vacuum Tube Logic

Victoria Amps - vintage tube amp replicas.

Vox Showroom or The Vox Showroom

Warwick - electric basses, amps, accessories. Contains photos, specs, pricing and technical information. Makes the Quadruplet "preamp" with a power tube, and bass amps with an EL84 power tube in the "preamp", strictly as a Tone generator.

The Vacuum Tube Audio Homepage

Blue Guitar Amp Mods

Other Music Companies

Seymour Duncan

Guitar hardware links

http://www.edromanguitars.com/home_frt.htm - Floyd Rose trems

http://www.edromanguitars.com/home_jjs.htm -- Electric sitar

Amptone.com ultra gear-search page

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