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Mini CD vs. DataPlAy for MP3

Mini CD vs. DataPlAy for MP3 - new page August 2001. Covers 80mm CD, 3" CD, MCD, Mini CDR, computer-literate MiniDisc gear.

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In 1986, I made this trippy Prince cut-and-paste piece. It is timely that I am finally making this available now, since this is made largely from snippets from the album 1999.
Prince Mix 99 by Michael -- 4.9 MB MP3 file. 128 Kbps Fraunhofer via MusicMatch. 5:16.

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Earbuds, Equalization, and Headphones
Sony D465 Portable CD Player with Optical Output
Review of the Sony CD X255 CD Changer
DynaSonix Pro sound card with 10-band equalizer and DSP chip
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